Who is the Digital Underground?

Who is the Digital Underground?


This is among one of the top questions we get when we are out at dinner parties, events and those weekend BBQ's.  Once you understand what Delegating, Staking & Stake Pools translate to the next step is researching the proper pool to delegate your ADA too. 

Here at the Digital Underground we are an institution based out of the Northeast run by a group of investors diversified in assets ranging from Crypto,  real-estate and stock market.  Our 25 years of experience brings a group of delegators together with like minded interests.  We're all entrepreneurs, investors and Crypto lovers!  Joining our team is as simple as joining the Digital Undergrounds Pool.  


Delegate to our pool and join the team:

Ticker:   DigiU

Pool id:  12b17458543e3cd8436aec7d6cc075deab40b7d9006bb2d705e1fc38


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