What is Staking?

What is Staking?

Ada held within the Cardano network represents a stake within the network, with the stake proportional to the amount of ada held.  The Cardano network allows for individuals or institutions holding ada to pledge or delegate a stake.  This ability to do so is the foundation by which Cardano operates!


Ultimately, there are two ways an ada holder can earn rewards in the form of ada.

  1. Delegating their stake to a stake pool that is operated by an individual or institution. 
  2. Operation of an individuals own stake pool.

The success of a stake pool is directly proportional to its size.  The larger the stake the more likely to earn rewards in a larger proportion and faster interval.   This is the way the Ouroboros Protocol chooses who should add the next block to the blockchain and receive a monetary (ada) reward for conducting those stakes.

These monetary rewards are shared among all the participants of the stake pool.  This is where the Digital Underground Pool (DUP) comes into the mix.

By staking with DUP we will work with all our delegators to make quicker path to earning, by increasing the block within the Cardano Network.  





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