How do I Delegate to Digital Underground?

How do I Delegate to the Digital Underground's Pool?

 Delegate to our pool and join the team:

Ticker:   DigiU

Pool id:  12b17458543e3cd8436aec7d6cc075deab40b7d9006bb2d705e1fc38

Step :1. Download your wallet of choice.  Easiest will be yoroi. 

Click Your Wallet Bellow: 

Step:2. Follow prompts to download and set up wallet. 

step:3. Look for delegation page and enter Ticker: Digiu, for digital underground stake pool. 

step4: hit the green delegate button. 
you are all set. 

Note: your delegation will never be in our hands or in our control. You always have that control, and can un-delegate at any moment, unlike other networks. If you have any trouble setting up, we can always assist you with any questions by reaching out to