Delegating Using Yoroi Wallet

Delegating to our pool is easier than you may think.  Although, intimidating it will be well worth moving in the right direction to make money on your ADA. Cardano is a proof of stake.

(PoS) blockchain.  This means you can stake your ADA to our pool and increase your asset using our infrastructure.  


Once you have installed the latest version of YOROI,  you can start the process of delegating your stake. It is key to note that Yoroi is a light wallet, that means these wallets do not need to download or synchronize to the blockchain.  

  1. Download the Yoroi Extension to Chrome
  2. Once this process has been completed you now need to fund your Yoroi wallet. On your Yoroi wallet hit the "Receive" tab to obtain your Wallet Address.                                                    
  3. You copy that address to the exchange where you are going to relocate your ada from and bring it over to your new Yoroi wallet.
  4. Once the ada is through (Should take a a minute).
  5. Select the "DELEGATION LIST" tab and type in our Ticker: DIGIU : Once the Digital Underground Pool comes up simply select "DELEGATE" and you are on your way staking your Ada and earning Ada every epoch cycle.