Wooohooo!! Shopify accepting crypto through Nowpayments

Nowpayments recently came out with a plugin that allows woocommerce and shopify merchants to accept payments in ADA/Cardano 

Another step towards mainstream adoption for the up and coming crypto! 

“After having confirmed our integration with the Cardano tech team – we are posting our announcement again and we are excited to get in touch with the Cardano community!

We have released our Shopify crypto payments plugin, and you can now accept payments in ADA for your Shopify store.

We also have various other plugins available!”


“We provide auto coin conversion: even if you don’t have the wallet for a currency customers pay with, we convert it automatically for you. We will have the option to limit the currencies rolled out next week as well.” According to Nowpayments. 

for all those who follow us. Rest assured we will soon be accepting ADA for payments to our merchandise section!!


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