Who is Digital Underground Pool?!!

As a single Stake Pool Operator (SPO) our mission Is to not only offer a Secure, Reliable, Low fee structured staking option, we also contribute to the decentralization of Cardano. Further we are expanding to education of Cardano as well as marketing. Through content creation we intend to give smaller pools a platform to shine. We also intend to become the marketing hub for all SPO’s 
Our Ticker is : DigiU
We have a 0% margin till we reach a million ADA delegated to our stake pool, and plan on a 3% margin after the first million. 
There is a 340 ADA standard fee to the pool, as there is across the board of all other pools.
We also have a comparably hefty pledge of 200,00 ADA that at the moment 50% of all rewards will go back into the pool and 50% to operating costs.
Our pledge of 200,000 ADA was grown from grass root hard work, and commitment. As an HVAC Technician in Manhattan “Local 638” represent! I grimed the City streets and mechanical rooms for just about 10 years, but later on...put every single extra penny earned into Cardano. Not only did I have my regular job, but back in Connecticut where I live, I would return many nights and also do side work to make ends meet. I would put the majority of these earnings into Cardano and some other small positions of crypto.
Our future vision as Cardano SPO, is bright and our dreams and aspiration to grow our business is as realistic as our imagination can take us!
We have many ideas to help grow the ecosystem. 2 Ideas have also been added to idea scale.
One being an “online Cardano store”!
we imagine it being The future Hub all things Cardano, with making things from T-shirts, and coffee mugs. Keychains, and engrave-ables. A central hub where all other stake pool Operators can order all their gear for a “comfortable discount” to market to their newly sought after  delegators, and even for their personal online Merch section.
please go to these ideas and give us a kudos, and vote for us on the catalyst 5 vote!  Download catalyst to vote: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/catalyst-voting/id1517473397
It will really help our mission!!
Our second idea in ideascale is to start a you tube channel, that is being built as we speak. It is called “small SPO awareness”!
What we plan on doing is interviewing small pools with commitment and drive into the ecosystem, to make it stronger and more decentralized. We hope if you align in the missions of these other Cardano SPO’s that you would want to help, and also delegate to these pools.
The possibilities are endless as are the ideas! Please pledge a delegation to us, and help us grow Cardano to a network that is untouchable. If you have the vision and the love for Cardano as we do, we welcome you home!

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