Our butterfly effect!

Have you ever worked on something like a project, an art piece, or even yourself, but just could not get the result you were looking for? We sometimes choose to exhaust ourselves, and  expect an outcome that may never come. Albeit the result you look for may seem within reach, you still cant quite get it. 

Recently Digital Underground Pool was at a stalemate with a website that only had  a landing page with an image that was less than satisfying. Marketing on Social Media seemed to only have so much of a reach. As i was striving for perfection alone on this journey, I started questioning if i could do it. 

I persisted naturally, and in my quest for success I found myself around like minded individuals who  also had a drive for success, and an intellect that I was looking for to be a part of the company I have been trying to build.

I could have kept on trying to do things alone but when opportunity knocks, not everyone pays attention. I was! I chose to accept a helping hand in growing the vision I have, as the rest of us have accepted Charles's offer to help him grow Cardano.

Partnerships will be welcome to help our business, our ecosystem, and our community grow to a dominant force not to be reckoned with.

So in closing, We all can use that helping hand once in a while to help lead us down a path we might have not seen at first, and without that help, we may have never seen it at all. 

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