A Diamond In The Rough

Elon musk the topic of discussion again! He tweeted last night that tesla will not be using bitcoin as a form of payment because it is not Environmentally friendly, which brought the whole crypto market crashing down. 

Now I don't know about you but i find what he has been doing a bit odd and I'm a bit skeptical of his intentions, and i think he is also quite hypocritical. 

from pumping a shit coin like doge, to dumping a market, makes me feel like he has other intentions. He knows he can move a market, so who is to say that he was not ready to go all in at a certain dip of the market for bitcoin.

I say Hypocritical because his vehicles use lithium batteries, and if you have done any research on how lithium is mined you'd understand first that every oversized dump truck and pay loader used to mine, is a diesel engine. Further more, the lithium is toxic to the environment, which finds its ways Into our water system not only killing the sea life, but also making the water in nearby streams and rivers unusable and toxic to drink. 

it seems a bit selfish of him to know he is at the same time about to destroy the lives of weak hands while his bags i can only imagine are getting larger. 

As for sustainability, it seems the tweet surfaced a diamond in the rough. Cardano although it had taken a large hit, is the only coin to have recovered so quick. Not only has it recovered but also broke new all time highs. Coinbase has registered a $2.10 cardano at the time of this blog.
Will something as sustainable as Cardano really start to shine in light of a selfish yet exposing tweet? Cardano is the solution to most of the POW coins! Will it now show its full potential? 

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