Say Hello to Alonzo

The long awaited Alonzo test-net is here. 

The Alonzo test-net will consist of 3 phases known as Blue, White and Purple. Each phase will be rilled out within 90 days and about 30 days each phase, leaving a bit of room for error I’d speculate we might actually see it in August this year. I hope to be proven wrong.

The blue phase will comprise of a select group of SPO’s and pioneers, as well as higher level employees that will test out new use cases such as oracles, DEX’s, lend/borrow Dapp’s, as well as stable coins and more. At this point the engine is engaged, and Alonzo White is activated. 

Alonzo White will include more pioneers and SPO’s to further test scripts and Dapp’s. This will then lead to the last and final stage of alonzo
Alonzo Purple will become public where all Spo’s and pioneers can start working on projects before main-net. Integration with Daedalus flight, and large exchanges, before cleaning up final touches before main roll out. 

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