My journey into Crypto!

Hello and welcome to my underground layer! My name is Peter Hatzikostas! A single stake pool operator (sSPO) who has been invested in the Cardano ecosystem since day one.




My journey like many others started with hearing about Bitcoin and how it was the currency of choice for cypher punks, anarchists, and gamers! To then being the currency for drug dealers and criminals..... To me... this sounded like something I should get into. No I wasn't a criminal, or any of the above, but if the mainstream is pushing one direction, I tend not to follow. The heard always gets slaughtered in my opinion.


after doing my research on bitcoin and realizing it is sound money, that was originally supposed to be untraceable, immutable, and un-confiscateable, I purchased a portion of bitcoin but unfortunately it was 2017, and seemed so expensive at $4,500 or so. The good thing is We were in a bull market as history shows us, and I was doing great.

naturally after buying bitcoin Ethereum was a no brainer to buy. At the time I had no idea who the team behind ETH was but soon eventually learned mostly of Vitalik and Charles.

I heard that Charles was coming out with a coin of his own and figured “well if he was A Co-creator of ETH, he must know what he is doing.”


I was ecstatic! When it first came out. I bought 10,000 ada the first day it was on Bittrex and thought I was so lucky thinking the price would go up as quick as some of these other coins that have lower supplies. Well by the end of 2017 I learned the hard way it would move a lot slower but still fell in love with ADA because of how fast the price was making me money.

Well we all know what happened from there.. after 2018 came around I was a hodler with nothing to show for it.


For the next few years I grew frustrated because I kept buying thinking this had to be it! The bottom!!! Please!!! Well  it wasn’t needless to say. Not thinking then, but buying at lower prices was a great strategy in the end. I eventually acquired a decent amount of ADA!


Not only were my bags getting bigger, but I learned more about Cardano and Charles, and saw his genius, his eagerness, and his passion for his project...that just fully engulfed my interest in the project more and more. His View’s of society fell right in line with MOST of mine.


Ever since the beginning, and the bottom, I knew I was a life long hodler of ADA and needed to be more than just that. So naturally when stake pool operation was available, I had to be a part of it!


It was a bit of a journey finding someone who can finally get me there but I did it! And I felt a sense of pure joy and accomplishment. A belonging to something that is about to change the world, and change it for the better!


Will you be a part of my journey in making cardano more decentralized and secure?

Join the Digital Underground, be one of the misfits of society. Stake to our pool and embrace the community.


Follow me here and get all the latest Underground  news in the Hollows of the crypto-verse!


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