The price of Cardano seems to have flatlined!!!
All the newbies in the market that I know keep asking me about “Why is cardano so stagnant in price action. Other coins are doing so much better!” 

Yes for a almost three months we have been trading between a dollar and a dollar and fifty cents. 

Other altcoins all seem to be pretty sporadic for the most part. Sometime pump for no reason at all, or when being hyped up by celebrities trying to make a quick buck in my opinion. 

Cardano on the other hand, I've noticed Has pumps as their tech rolls out in stages. We first saw some nice gains after Shelly hard fork happened, and again around the Mary hard fork.
The good news is Test net fort the Alonzo hard fork is coming and in august Main net should be going live. Also while we have been trading sideways we have had some healthy consolidation above $1.00 in my opinion, and shows how hi the demand for ADA actually is. If you take a closer look, the 20 week SMA and the 21 week EMA support bands seem to be moving up to the price of ADA instead of the price going down to support in the past couple of months. This creates a higher area for support when future consolidation may occur. 

So i say to all you newbies To keep calm and Cardano on!!! ADA’s time will come again, and I don't think you will be disappointed...or.... sell it and let the die hard ADA believers gobble it up for great future gains. 

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