Cardano Africa Use Case

The Birdie has landed!!
African nations have partnered with cardano after years in the making! Cardano will help Digitize the country’s education system.

The Ethiopian government is looking to create a decentralized identity solution using  Atala PRISM. Thousands of schools in Ethiopia will be the testing grounds. This identity solution will be used to “digitally verify grades, remotely monitor school performance, and boost education and employment.”
Further more, Zanzibar and Tazmania will be joining in on sustainable connectivity. The Cardano technology permeates through africa, as Charles Hoskinson said it would. This is just the beginning for the 6th largest coin by market cap! This news and Alonzo dates can potentially surge the price in the next coming weeks? 

We will be keeping you updated on any Africa news Cardano has to share. 

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