Being A Stake Pool Operator

Being a “Stake Pool Operator” may seem like a “Set it and forget it” sort of thing, but for newer, smaller SPO’s its a second full time job. 

I was never one to be socially active on social media sites all that much in the past few years. 
I also was not one to Blog...ever about anything, or anything for the matter. 

Ever since becoming an SPO, I have had to market myself online, on social media and get involved with the Cardano community, which is an amazing community by the way. I have tried to blog at least once a week, but shoot for twice a week. I created a website and merchandise, section, to further market The pool. Constantly adding new things to the website, and soon more merch. 

On top of that, im constantly hounding my friends with ADA to try delegating to my pool, calling them every week seeing if they ready to delegate. Friends that have delegated I hound to get their friends delegated. Some have been quite annoyed and others have been eager and compliant in doing so. 

When I'm at my normal Full time job, any free time I get I try reading up on anything cardano to keep up to date in the Cardanosphere. When I’m home I also have to keep doing research and at times spend a little too much time doing so, to the point wifey becomes a bit annoyed. 

I have to keep my server up to date and ensure running all the time, while trying to figure out a better, cheaper way to run these servers. I've also been trying to learn to code to set this all up on my own. Its not going too well just yet. 

One of the only things i have going for me is a seemingly Hefty pledge of 200k ADA and some loyal ass delegators that have been slowly growing their positions, and holding the line!! They have truly become Part of the Digital Underground Misfit Army!! 
Now it may sound as if im trying to deter someone from becoming an SPO. Quite the opposite. There is no other thing id rather do than become a very successful SPO on my own, and enjoy the challenge, all the efforts, all the community, and above all... my delegators!!
I look forward to the day that this second Full Time Job becomes my only Full Time Job! All I want to do is be as much a part of the Cardanosphere as I can. Learning more, educating more, and meeting new people in the community. 

If you are up for a challenge and have thought about it, I say you go for it! Im always here for support and any questions you may have on becoming a stake pool operator yourself. Help decentralize the network and grow a an even more amazing community.

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